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Teknologi- og kompetansesenter i Tampere, Finland

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Kalmars krantjenesteprosjekter maksimerer produktiviteten ved kai

Kalmar Gloria reachstacker - en målestokk for produktivitet

Lansering av Kalmars hybrid shuttle carrier, oktober 2013

Kalmars visjon av Port 2060

Lansering av Kalmar Gloria reachstacker, juni 2013

Kalmar SmartPort øker effektiviteten ved Malta Freeport

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News & Insights

The best of both worlds for straddle and shuttle carrier operations

The backbone of container terminals the world over for decades, straddle and shuttle carriers have undergone many technological transformations in their time – not least in terms of their drivelines.

The $17 billion market opportunity

What if in the future the world's biggest container handling company didn't even touch physical containers?

Upside down and out of the box

University cooperation yields a new solution for empty container handling.

In terminal design, experience is everything

Just like when you’re building a house, designing a container terminal requires rock-solid planning and putting the right foundations in place to ensure a successful project. Expert support right from day one goes a long way towards avoiding costly and time-consuming mistakes later on, so choosing a partner with hands-on experience really pays off. With hundreds of successful projects under their belt, the Kalmar Terminal Design Services team is just such a partner.

RobotAIsation is the future of container handling

Despite the rapid onset of terminal automation, automated container terminals still account for only a small percentage of the 1,400 container terminals around the world. Meanwhile, the automotive industry is forging ahead at full speed with the development of autonomous cars, which will open up significant possibilities also for our industry. Simultaneously AI has become the number one focus area for the world's ICT giants, so we are definitely at the start of a very interesting journey


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