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Teknologi- og kompetansesenter i Tampere, Finland

Kalmar Care servicekontrakter

Kalmars krantjenesteprosjekter maksimerer produktiviteten ved kai

Kalmar Gloria reachstacker - en målestokk for produktivitet

Lansering av Kalmars hybrid shuttle carrier, oktober 2013

Kalmars visjon av Port 2060

Lansering av Kalmar Gloria reachstacker, juni 2013

Kalmar SmartPort øker effektiviteten ved Malta Freeport

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News & Insights

Digitalisation is not a product, it’s a systemic change

Digitalisation is a contemporary societal topic among businessmen, scholars, politicians, and citizens. Uber’s disruption of the taxi business is a practical example of the impact of digitalisation that has led to similar business models being adopted in other industries. Digitalisation offers major returns for some and ultimate losses for others, which is similar to Joseph Schumpeter’s concept of “Creative Destruction” that he coined in 1942.

Jetty opening in China highlights Kalmar Innovative RTGs

Kalmar and Rainbow-Cargotec Industries (RCI) celebrated the grand opening of a new Jetty in Taicang, China on 2 March 2017. The new jetty will anchor and spur Kalmar’s growth in the Asia-Pacific region by making possible delivery of fully assembled Kalmar yard cranes from RCI.

Safety at the heart of business

Improving occupational safety at container terminals calls for culture change, new technical solutions and industry-wide standardisation.

Mr Wu Jian, President of Kalmar's joint venture in China is set to conquer the market

A self-professed workaholic, entrepreneur and passionate football fan, Mr Wu Jian first struck up a partnership with Cargotec’s marine business MacGregor some fifteen years ago that eventually led in 2012 to the establishment of a joint venture between Cargotec Corporation and Jiangsu Rainbow Heavy Industries.

Kalmar light forklift range upgraded

Industrial diesel forklifts have been upgraded to increase ergonomics and efficiency.


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