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Kalmar Hybrid RTG

With the Kalmar Hybrid RTG you can cut RTG fuel costs by up to 56 per cent thanks to our smart energy storage and regeneration system, and reduce emissions and noise at the same time.


Cut fuel costs without compromising on productivity

Kalmar Hybrid RTG combines a smaller diesel engine with a regenerative energy storage system to deliver fuel savings of up to 56 per cent compared to most diesel RTGs on the market. The system automatically optimises the engine’s RPM according to the required power, while the storage system captures excess energy from container handling, braking and gantry movements for reuse in hoisting operations. As well as offering significant savings in fuel consumption, the Kalmar Hybrid RTG can also help you reduce noise and emissions at your terminal.

The state-of-the art features include e.g. electro-mechanical anti-sway system, SmartProfile stack anti-collision system, SmartView camera system and a completely new intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) for the driver. Kalmar RTGs are available up to 10+1 wide, giving you high stacking density and efficient land utilisation.

Saigon Newport Company, Vietnam

Saigon Newport Company, Vietnams største containeroperatør har tatt i bruk Kalmars nullutslipps brokraner med gummihjul (RTG-er) for å innfri sine behov for kapasitet og miljøytelse.

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OPA, Oslo havn

Verdens mest avanserte RTG-kranautomatisering løfter effektiviteten til nye høyder i Norges største godshavn

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